Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daily Streak 282 (Wednesday Oct 12th): It's all in the preparation

Daily Streak 282 (Wednesday Oct 12th): Walk 2 miles Time 40min Weather blue skies

Another three element photo. This time it shows that behind the tree in the middle distance the sky was deep blue. Huzza the battle of the clouds has lifted and there is some clear autumn light. In the foreground are red berries. I wanted to show them because I have been struck this autumn by how bright the berries have been. Almost everywhere I have seen brighter, redder berries this year. This year, this is turning out to be a wonderful season.
Other than that the exercise was at a minimum because of chores. There is decorating to be done and all sort of preparation before that. I enjoying painting - there is something satisfying about seeing the colour change and feeling the smooth resistance of the paint as you stroke it on, but the preparation is tedious. it takes me longer than it should because I get bored.
But just like running you only get a good result if you do the preparation. Somehow I cannot escape that life lesson.

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