Sunday, October 09, 2011

2011 Streak Day 262 (Thursday Sept 22nd): Waterside

2011 Streak Day 262 (Thursday Sept 22nd): Walk 6 miles, Time 1hr 50min, Weather grey but not unpleasant, a bit muggy
The bright skies are replaced with familiar grey but a walk along the canal is still pleasant.
The only thing of note to report about the walk was a conversation with a boat owner who had just fallen in the canal. She said she was tying-up but that the front of her boat is small and she just tipped over. Last time she did it she ruined her shoes and ever since she had worn trainers, which I think, this time, will survive.
She was amazingly cheerful. I think it is one of those silly, stupid things that you want to laugh about rather than become annoyed or despairing. I just happened to be passing (after she had sorted herself out, as I did not see her in the water) and so I was the one she told. It might have not been a nice experience to slip into the water but it made for a pleasant conversation.
Odd shared moments like are the difference between a plod and an enjoyable walk

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