Friday, October 07, 2011

2011 Streak Day 258 (Sunday Sept 18th): New term

2011 Streak Day 258 (Sunday Sept 18th): Walk 1 mile, Time 20min, Weather patchy
Every year, at around this time I look at this wall and admire the way the leaves, which only a few days previously were green, have turned lustrous red. Very soon they will fall and the brickwork will show bare. It is a marker of autumn.
Although some of the most beautiful days of the year are in autumn it is the season of decline as plant growth slows or stops, leaves fall and we move towards winter. Paradoxically I still think of it as a beginning. I have not attended school for many more years than I care to admit but still burnt in my psyche is the idea that the new term (new year) starts in September.
I like to continue with that idea by having the idea for some new beginning, project or challenge to offset the coming gloom of shorter, colder days. September/October marathons (or halfs) might be a culmination of work done over the summer but their execution is still something to anticipate as a good achievement. Unfortunately there will be none of that this year. Not only have I pulled out of Folkestone I have no desire to try and replace it with a later race as I feel far from fit.
But I cannot be lolling around like this, feeling sub optimum. This day must be a marker. It must be the last day where I barely raise my heart rate. Once more I must start doing things that feel more like exercise.
These red leaves are a reminder to start making plans

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Adele said...

Those leaves are so uplifting; I love Autumn. I am keeping my eye on a tree in our neighbour's garden, when it changes colour I will post a picture, you might like it too (and maybe you will know what type of tree it is!).