Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011 Streak Day 278 (Saturday Oct 8th): A good morning

2011 Streak Day 278 (Saturday Oct 8th):Cycle 12.97 miles. Time 57min Weather mostly overcast 
After showing some bagged up leaves I thought I ought to balance the picture by showing that it is not all neat and tidy round here.
Otherwise all that I want to say is that this comes very close to being a perfect Saturday morning. Out on the bike for a short ride, which included a hill long enough to give me the satisfaction of having worked a bit, then to a coffee shop for a flat white and to read the Guardian. The ride sharpens the mind and I read the paper with a relaxed concentration. It felt good.
This is the great advantage cycling has over running: you can dress normally and manage your pace so that you don't become a sweaty heap. This means that in the cafe you can feel perfectly at home. If I was running I would be in shorts and a T shirt soaked with sweat and if I stopped for any length of time I would soon get cold. It would not be pleasant.
The other thing that amused me today was riding up the hill. (That is not a sentence I have ever used before!) At the same time there was a post van delivering mail to the houses  so we played box and cox. I passed him when he was delivering , he passed me when driving. It was like being in an episode of Postman Pat.
P.S. It would have been much closer to being a perfect morning if the English rugby team had not been so inept and lost to a poor French team in the World Cup. Ho Hum!

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