Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 Streak Day 280 (Monday Oct 10th): New shoes

2011 Streak Day 280 (Monday Oct 10th):Walk 2 miles, Time 45min, Weather grey and a bit windy

One of the advantage of writing about running is that occasionally you get offered kit in exchange for a review or mention. I don't respond to everything, for example I won't accept anything I don't believe in, like magnetic bracelets, or things I don't need, but I must admit to a childish pleasure in receiving gift parcels. The new running shoes I recently received came courtesy of SportsDirect, which offers the big three (Adidas, Nike, Asics) at pretty good prices. As they they updated the shoes I was already wearing I was pretty happy.
It is interesting to look at the changes in design (OK only slightly interesting).  Mostly they are little details like separating the reinforcing strip between the bottom and second lace holes. The new Vomero also looks a bit more boat like and a little higher in the toe box, which might affect their feel. On the whole I prefer the look of the older version as they seem a little bit more flexible but that might change when the new ones are worn in. They are of course far too white - but that will not last long. 

As yet I have not really tested them and so cannot tell whether they will suit because It is one of the strange realities of running shoes that you can never guarantee a new model will work as well as the old. It is why, although I like new shoes, I hate buying them - it takes about 30 miles before I know if I have  if I have bought well.Buying from the local running shop cuts out some of the errors because you can try on a range and eliminate shoes that obviously do not fit but it is not foolproof: some shoes feel comfortable in the shop but start to hurt on a longer run. You never can tell
It is strange that every time I have bought shoes online I have felt slightly guilty. I have done it because its cheaper but at the same time a voice in the back of my head reminds me that I want my local running shop to survive, It is important to have a place where people can try things on and get advice. And my local shop is run by a nice guy who I want to do well. 
My compromise (and it is a rather feeble one) is to alternate: an online bargain followed by a something from the shop. All I need to do now is make sure that my next pair come from him.


Adele said...

That's interesting about 'feeling guilty' when you buy online, I do the same. My last pair came from a specialist running shop after the assistant looked carefully at my gait and, now I know that these shoes work for me, I could get the next ones cheaper online. I suppose when you get freebies in the post though, a trip to the local running shop seems more within reach when your gifted trainers wear out!

ProGait Custom Orthotics said...

I really do understand your feelings with regards to your local running shop. It must be great to receive lots of free gifts and try new products. I'm looking forward to your next post already.