Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Streak Day 273 (Mon Oct 3rd): Wasp sting

2011 Streak Day 273 (Mon Oct 3rd): Cycle 23.79 miles, Time 1hr 42min, Weather still sitting out weather

This picture shows my failed attempt at wildlife photography. I wanted a picture of a wasp and in my experience as soon as you try to eat out in summer wasps will gather, attracted to anything sweet. I therefore put some jam on some paper on a table and waited. At last a wasp came and flew nearby but paid no attention to the bait, didn't register it at all. It flew off and after that there was nothing. My attempt at a wasp photo was a complete dud. 
Perhaps I used the wrong jam.
I wanted the picture to illustrate the way ran otherwise perfectly pleasant day was ruined. It  had been perfect cycling weather: calm and warm but not overly hot. I rode to Ashridge, where I had a cup of tea and watched all the other people enjoying the autumn weather and felt contented. On the way back though, when I was moving at a decent speed, I rode into a wasp. It hit my lip and I could feel its size and furriness before sharpness of the sting. Damn! I stopped and tried to bite down on it and suck the sting out but it was no good. The lip started to swell.
It may seem strange to say for someone of my advanced years but I can't ever remember being stung by a wasp (bees yes but wasps no). However my mother was allergic to them and now, after all these years, I have finally learnt that I am too.
I developed a lip of comic proportions and ruefully thought that there are dangers in cycling that are not mentioned in any of the manuals.

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