Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Streak Day 281 (Tuesday Oct 11th): There was a run

2011 Streak Day 281 (Tuesday Oct 11th):Run 2.45 miles, Time 25min, Weather still overcast but not wet and not too windy

I had hoped to take a symmetrical picture : a band of blue, threatening cloud, and a strip of greenery, to show that although it was mostly overcast it was not unrelenting and there was a weather battle. However there was not enough blue. The idea is still there but not quite the execution I had hoped.
Bit like my run.
To try to be fair it is a long time since my last run. Since I gave up the idea of the half marathon I have just not felt like it. It is not the familiar 'can't be arsed' syndrome more of a message from deep within my body telling me that I should rest and get back into training very, very gradually.
However you have to start some time and today was the day for running. It was not comfortable as my body was completely out of any running conditioning. At the end my calves ached, is if this short run should have been easy, and started to tighten. It was a very clear message that I have to stretch to keep everything in working order.
Earlier in the day I had been writing about mindfulness and on the run I experimented by trying to be aware of everything happening in my body. I am not fully convinced it's is the way to go. When your body starts complaining  attention acts like the 'oxygen of publicity' (to coin a political cliché) to increase the grievance.
However this is a provisional judgement because my outlook was wrong; instead of observing what was happening in a clear-eyed, dispassionate way, I was beating myself up for being laboured. That will never do.

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