Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Streak Day 271 (Sat Oct 1st): In a city there is a lot going on

2011 Streak Day 271 (Sat Oct 1st): Walk 5 miles, Time 1hr 40min, Weather - if only August had been so hot and sunny
When we were in Manchester all sorts of things were going on. Some were on the news, some were a mention on the sports pages, and others were unremarked, part of the normal pattern of a city with many groups of people brought together by common activities.
Our hotel was full with a number of foreign teams who were competing in the British Open Taekwondo championship, whilst over in the Velodrome there were the British National Track Championships, which was important for Olympic selection. In the city centre some political party was holding a conference and I am sure the area was full of police and security - but we did not go there.
We did however have a procession. I was fascinated to see, from a distance, a march, slow and deliberate, mostly silent. It was a puzzle: political rallies involve chants and shouting and other protests usually involve noise or music. This was solemn and measured. When I was close I could see it was religious - a Marian Procession.
In the afternoon we walked around Platt Fields. Because of the sun and because of the sense that it was only going to last for a couple of days before autumn set-in, the place was packed with people, sitting, picnicking, or just gathering. i don't think I have ever seen a patch of green space so densely occupied. But there again there are a hell of a lot of students in Fallowfields, with every reason to leave their small rooms.
Manchester on a Saturday is a rich and varied tapestry. There was a great sense of people getting out and about.


Adele said...

I love that photo. I also love Manchester. Did you go a bit further along to Rusholme? Mmmmmm, curry mile. Or in the other direction to Cornerhouse?

Highway Kind said...

We didn't stray too far from the flat.

The original plan had been to have a cottage in the Peak District and do some walking but the accident changed that.