Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Streak Day 274 (Tues Oct 4th): Rubbish

2011 Streak Day 274 (Tues Oct 4th):Walk 1 mile, Time 20min, Weather - not as sunny but still warm but still pleasant

How quickly the seasons turn. A couple of weeks before and these leaves were red and vibrant on the wall, now they are curled and dead on the ground.
How quickly my sense of well being can change as well. Yesterday morning I was enjoying the sun and feeling content but a day later all is horrible. The reaction to the wasp sting continued, and despite taking anti histamine the lip got even fatter during the night. So today's exercise was the merest minimum - a short walk to the doctors. He prescribed some steroids and very gradually the swelling started to go down.
Everything will be OK, the poison will leave the system but the process takes a little time and whilst it is happening I feel rubbish

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