Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Streak Day286 (Sunday Oct 16th): Warthog

2011 Streak Day286 (Sunday Oct 16th): Run 2.85 miles Time 27min 38sec, Weather sunny morning, cloudier later

The weather is extraordinary for October. When you go out, just after day break, there is all the promise of a clear sunny day - summer like but a few hours later .
Looking up and seeing the moon in the morning sky gives me pleasure. Seeing it so clearly in a blue day sky might be common but it is still slightly magical. It feels like an omen that the day will be good.
However it only goes to show that you cannot believe in omens. 
The run was not fast but felt hard. I really do not know what is happening. I am not so much running as lumbering - related to the warthog rather than the gazelle.
The only thing to do is not get down hearted. Keeping on is the only option but aside from that I need a plan.
At the moment I am not in serious training. I will run this loop a few more times to see if it begins to get easier. After that I will take stock. The most likely option is that I will get out my heart rate monitor again and have a period of base training i.e. always running below a fairly low heart rate and being slower than a slow thing.
We shall see.

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