Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Streak Day 277 (Friday Oct 7th): Noticing wind

2011 Streak Day 277 (Friday Oct 7th): Cycle 16. 42 miles, Time 1hr 12min, Weather overcast with wind

My picture today should be of Homebase, as that was my destination, but tin retail sheds are rather boring and I just could not be bothered.  Strange then that I find plastic bags full of leaves more interesting. I have no real explanation except that for some reason they amused me and set me wondering how many plastic bags you would need to contain all the fallen leaves in Hemel. There is no answer apart from 'lots'. But it leads on to the more interesting question about how much effort is put into tidying up leaves - something else I don't know.
it was an enjoyable ride today that also illustrated the great truth about the cyclists attitude to wind (i.e. we only notice it when it is against us). When I started out I was really impressed with my form. "Wow!" I thought "I can't be such bad shape after all. This is nice and easy." As I bowled along I was impressed when I looked at the speedo to find I was going faster than expected. What a good day!
Well it was until I turned round to find the wind made the return journey far harder.
Conclusion: I am exactly as fit as I thought I was.

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