Friday, October 07, 2011

2011 Streak Day 259 (Monday Sept 19th): Getting ready for Potter

2011 Streak Day 259 (Monday Sept 19th): Cycling - 23 miles, Time - 1hr 41min, Weather - blue skies

Turning over a new leaf means cycling to Watford. 
I wanted to buy something from the shops, so rather than taking the car I used my bike and felt good doing so.  For the first time for ages I felt air rushing past my cheeks, a sense of speed above ambling, and a feeling of connection with the outside world.
On my way I passed Leavesden Studios where they are building the Harry Potter Experience. There is still a lot of work to do and the landscape around the studio buildings looks rather bleak. In the meantime there is the attraction of a lonely digger toiling away.
I don't understanding the attraction of a studio experiences (the film is the thing, not the box it was made in). Trying to recreate some of the atmosphere of the film is a bit like those museums where they dress up in period costume and talk in cod olde English - it feels false. But there again I am a grumpy old man and not the target audience.
I can even imagine that my grumpiness will increase in March (when it opens) as I might need a new route. This road, which at the moment is pleasantly quite, will be full of wizards.
But I must not get worried by the anticipation of some future mild inconvenience (that would be truly pathetic). I must enjoy being in the open air and the sensation of movement.
All I have is this particular moment