Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Streak Day 259 (Saturday Sept 10th): Tradition

2011 Streak Day 259 (Saturday Sept 10th):Walk 2.5 miles, Time 1hr, Weather - clouds come, clouds go

Another day to combine grocery shopping with a walk along the canal. As Sainsbury's is next to the canal, on the site of the old John Dickinson paper mill, it is the obvious thing to do.
This bridge, with its useless secondary arch is one I have always liked. It puzzles me slightly because I do not think the canal too wide to be spanned by a single arch. I will obviously have to do further research on the span of brick arches and their limits.
However as it is this bridge has a picturesque lop-sided charm. A couple of weeks ago I passed a lady painting a watercolour of it and stopped for a chat about what she was doing and the view.
Yesterday I mentioned the comforting Englishness of the bowling green. I ought to add to that the sight of a watercolourist in the open air, painting a landscape.

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