Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Streak Day 241 (Thursday Set 1st): It is always the process that matters

2011 Streak Day 241 (Thursday Set 1st): Walk - 1 mile, Time 20min, Weather - some sun, mostly muggy
Minimal walk today. Very easy because my energies had to be saved for the main exertion, which was moving my daughter & possessions out her room in college. Today was the last day of her masters and it is now all over. The dissertation has been handed in, the presentation given and a website delivered. A year of intensely hard work has finished.
I wonder whether there will now be a let-down as can happen, on a more minor scale, with running. Preparing for a marathon, if done properly, consumes large amounts of time and most spare mental capacity. Once it is over though, after the initial sense of achievement, there is an emptiness. What do you now do?
You float for a bit but then the answer is simple: you start again because running is something you just carry on doing. It is what you do if running is part of your self definition.
The process, the doing, is always the most important thing

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Adele said...

I think your daughter needs a well-earned rest! I always try to plan beyond a big event, knowing the emptiness that can follow, I hope she has done the same.