Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Streak 243 (Saturday Sept 3rd): Beginnings

2011 Streak 243 (Saturday Sept 3rd):Walk 2 miles, Time - 45min,  Weather - strange split sky banks of gunmetal grey cloud and blue sky

Short slow walk around Old Town and park. This is a very difficult time. Feeling weak but trying to carry on is hard work as I arrive home exhausted. At the moment the days are a mixture of: rest, a little activity, rest. All is hazy.
However being in the park ion a Saturday is a good diversion. Watching other people circulating, and enjoying themselves, lifts ones own spirits. When you feel ill it is very easy to direct all your attention inwards but there is stimulation in the world around  and this can make you feel better.
Walking along the footpath I glimpsed a wedding party assembling for photographs outside St Mary's church. Weddings always represent hope and the beginning of something. I like beginnings. 

I could do with one rich now.  I need to get back into training and start making plans again but at the moment that seems a strange and distant idea.

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