Friday, September 23, 2011

2011 Streak Day 237 (Friday Aug 26th): Feebleness ascending

2011 Streak Day 237 (Friday Aug 26th): Walk - 1 mile, Time - 20min, Weather - grey

It cannot have escaped the notice of any eagled eyed reader that I have fallen behind in my blogging and am writing this in retrospect, trying to catch up. Partly this is because the last 3 or 4 weeks have been difficult.

From the last couple of posts you will have noticed that things had not been going well. The run on Tuesday had been a failure - something that should have been routine became impossible; Wednesday’s walk had been hard with my mind fuzzily elsewhere; and on Thursday I just watched a cat.

On Friday it became clear that I was not well. I had a cough, headache, my chest that felt it was being squeezed, and my legs felt watery weak.

So what about the Streak? The condition is that I have to get out of the house everyday and do something for 365 days. What to do?

For some stupid reason I did not want to give it up. As I wasn’t completely incapacitated I decided to keep going as best I could, doing the minimum. It would be not very much but at least it would be something.

I don’t know whether that was very smart because the infection dragged on and all I did was survive. They were days of emptiness with nothing much to report. I will thus whisk through the upcoming days with very brief posts marking the days and showing I kept going but little more.

For many of those days all I did was walk to the park at the bottom of my road and walk back again. On Day 237 the fair was still there to give me some extra colour.

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