Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 Streak Day 230 (Aug 18th): Very wet

2011 Streak Day 230 (Aug 18th): Distance - 3 miles, Time - 28min 20sec, Weather - rain, rain and then more rain

This was one of those days when you could not believe it could continue to rain so hard for so long. “Wait till it eases off” I told myself, “just a little longer” but as time passed and the sky was still a solid, unremitting grey, I became less convinced there would be any change. By the middle of the afternoon I thought that if I left it any longer I would not run at all - and I had to run.
Originally I had planned to do 4 to 5 miles but in the end I ran 3. It still seemed quite heroic but in the circumstances as I really don’t enjoy it when it rains so hard it drips straight into your eyes and your clothing i sticks close to your body.
What I lacked in distance I made up for in intensity with a hill session. It was a quarter mile loop: hard up, easy down, repeated 10 times. After the first couple of repetitions I thought 5 would be hard  but I kept on going thinking “just one more” until I reached my target. At the end I bent down from the waist, hands on hips, panting - whatever the weather I could console myself with the thought that I had made an effort. 
When I had dried off and drunk my cup of tea I even felt satisfied.
The photo is an indication of the amount of rain by showing the rain gathering in our wheelbarrow (though sensible people would probably have parked it upside down).

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