Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 Streak Day 254 (Wednesday Sept 14th): Lineman

2011 Streak Day 254 (Wednesday Sept 14th):Walk - 1 mile, Time 20min, Weather - changeable
Me last picture showed my grandson, this picture reminds me of my grandfather. He was a telephone engineer and inspected the lines.
These lines amused me though because they show the persistence of nature and the way plants can grow up anything.
Because of my grandfather I have always had a soft spot for the song Wichita Lineman, even though that was about people maintaining power cables rather than telephone lines. Recently Radio 4 made a programme about that song in its Soul Music series, which is still available. It is odd when talking to both my wife and daughter about this they thought the song was about railway lines and have always been puzzled by the lyrics.
Other than that there is not much to report. I only managed the minimum distance. I am glad I decided Folkestone was off - I am worse rather than better.

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