Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Streak Day 235 (Wednesday Aug 24th): Dreamlike

2011 Streak Day 235 (Wednesday  Aug 24th):  Walk - 4.1 miles, Time 1hr 25min, Weather - Scudding clouds, patches of sun, patches of grey, quite warm

In the beginning of the film Michael Clayton George Clooney stops his car in the middle of nowhere and walks towards some horses that have appeared from the dawn mist. As he reaches out there is an explosions and the car he has just left  is a fire ball. The horses run off. There is a strange dreamlike feel to the whole scene and in particular to the horses in the mist.
Nothing dramatic happened to me today. There were definitely no explosions but I had the same dreamlike sensation as I came across this hooded horse, standing peacefully in the wooded fringe of a field, his coat dappled with sunlight. It was ever so slightly weird. I have not seen a blindfolded horse horse before. I assume he had had some sort of treatment but I don't know much about horses and that is only supposition.
It was just odd, I was walking on a footpath, small stream to one side, wood to the other, completely alone. In such places the imagination can have a feast.
Other than that it was a day in Cambridge with my exercise being the walk back to the Trumpington park&ride. I could still feel yesterday  and it was a bit of a slog but I survived by going slow and looking around.

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