Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011 Streak Day 247 (Wednesday Sept 7th): Grey

2011 Streak Day 247 (Wednesday Sept 7th): Walk - 2 miles, Time - 45min, Weather - grey and overcast

The words that have dominated my weather reports have been grey and overcast.  Look at the photograph and you can see that once again those words cannot be avoided. In fact the sky is the only real subject of the photo as otherwise it is an unremarkable view - just the park at the bottom of my road.
This is the place I regularly walk at the moment - a pleasant place to be that is quite close. Even if my sub-par health wasn't limiting the range of my trips at the moment I would not be constantly exploring new places.
 When I run I have a few core routes which I vary slightly by throwing in different loops or extensions, with cycling it is the same. When I feel better I think I will make a bigger effort to explore other places.

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