Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 Streak Day 252 (Monday Sept 12th): Moving

2011 Streak Day 252 (Monday Sept 12th): Walk - 2 miles, Time - 40min, Weather extremely windy ( the tail end of Hurricane  Katia)
The photograph is a phoney. It was taken today (Sept 29th) because I realised I did not have a picture to represent my main activity for Day 252 - driving to Manchester and back, mostly on the motorway.
However what it does show is the contrast between the wonderfully hot weather we are having in autumn compared to the miserably dull days in what was meant to be summer. I have been amazed at going through all the photos I took on those days to see how many showed grey skies.
Anyway September 12th was notable for being the day when we caught the tail end of Hurricane Katia. I thought the drive was going to be in driving rain, with high sided lorries swaying all over the road. In the event it was not too bad - the sky was mostly clear and although it was very windy the lorries were coping. Unlike the Tour of Britain, which called-off the day's stage.
My walking was accounted for by toing and froing, with stuff, to move my daughter into her new flat and wandering the streets of West Didsbury on finding that Greens was not open for monday lunch.

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