Thursday, September 08, 2011

2011 Streak Day 227/365 (Aug 15th): Pathetic

2011 Streak Day 227/365 (Aug 15th): Run - 1.1 miles, Time - 10min, Weather  - Gloomy
Pathetic! I think I will draw a veil over this run except to say that I followed the dictum of Joe Henderson. He advises you to run for a mile before you deciding the sort of session you should complete. A mile is enough to warm up and clear away the usual early run sludge and allow you to tell how strong you felt. Today the answer was not strong at all and I didn’t want to go any further. There was no spring in my step and no enthusiasm to force myself onwards. So I stopped, looked up the hill and walked back.
I am not sure whether that is failure or realism. It is what I did and that is all there is to it. The veil is drawn.
Today’s picture shows a couple of things: 
The first is how unremittingly dull the weather is. The pattern for almost every day has been to start with grey cloud, which may or may not bear rain, followed by patches of blue sky later in the afternoon. As I tend to go out in the morning I only get to see the wet or the grey.
The second is to show something about Hemel - it is a low rise town. The initial plans were drawn up by one of the leading landscape architects of the time, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, who envisioned not a city in a garden but a city in a park. It is still a town of low density, with many green spaces. There is no vantage point from which you can see its full extent.
If I had been feeling strong, this particular green space would have been good for a tough hill session. But as we already know I did not feel strong

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