Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 Streak Day 253 (Sept 13th): A slight indulgence

2011 Streak Day 253 (Sept 13th): A slight indulgence
Walk - 1 mile, Time 23min, Weather - changeable, some rain interspersed with blue skies and sun

This blog is concerned with running and what I notice when out and about. It is not a diary and is only indirectly personal and there are no pictures of me or my family.

But I want to make an exception with a moment of self-indulgence. My elder daughter and her new child  had been staying with us for the past 4 days and it seemed appropriate to mark this with a picture.

There certainly wasn't much scope for an outdoor alternative as the exertions of the last two days  left me completely drained and only able to do the minimum.

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Adele said...

Perfect! Enjoy your special time with him.