Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Streak Day 249 (Friday Sept 9th): Bowls

2011 Streak Day 249 (Friday Sept 9th): Walk 1 mile, Time 20min, Weather - fed-up of saying overcast lets concentrate on the positive and say it was warm

Not much time for a walk today as I had to go to Winchester so once again the minimum has been done.
But this gives me a chance to take a picture of the bowling green and talk about the enormous care goes into their maintenance and in many cases like here it is done by council. But obviously the council is an arm of government and statist and not part of the Big Society so the Secretary of State for local government, Eric Pickles, uses bowling as an example where local people can band together and take over some local land.  This letter in Guardian shows it is not quite as simple as that.
I am no bowler but I value the greens as part of the fabric of English life and somehow I feel reassured by their presence.

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