Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Streak Day 242 (Friday Sept 2nd): Looking towards the future

2011 Streak Day 242 (Friday Sept 2nd): Walk 2 miles, Time 40min, Weather sunny and bright
I took the car to Berkhamsted and walked along the canal. I rather like it here because it feels much more a part of the town, with more communal space than at Hemel. There is more parkland and greater variety of buildings along the canal side (including 3 pubs). in the summer holidays it is the place people go
This picture is of a small area of sustainable plant in the park, next to the children’s play area. I like the idea of councils creating such plantings, especially as it runs counter to the local government tradition of formal, geometric displays of bedding plants. The flowers are usually colourful and pretty but the arrangement is very rigid.
I also like it that it is near the play area for young children. If sustainability is about anything then it about them and their future children. A neat little bit of symbolism.

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