Sunday, January 08, 2012

Janathon 2012 Day 8: Tea

Janathon 2012 Day 8: Cycle - 16.55 miles, Time - 1hr 14min, Weather - Grey
Poster by Owen Davey
I don't want to bore everybody by going on about how unfit I am and how everything at the moment is a struggle. Even if it is the case the case, it is something I have to deal with, without moaning. Therefore I won't say much more about today's activity apart from the fact that it was my first cycle ride for ages.
(Ignoring the fact that it felt a lot harder than it should have done, my heart rate was higher than I would have expected and 16 miles was as far as I wanted to go, it felt good to be out. I was happy to feel the wheels turn and occasionally have a sensation of speed).
Instead what I will talk about is advice; after all it is the New Year and very many people (including me) are full to the brim with good intentions and the desire, just this once, to make things work.
I don't want to go all goopy new age or vacuous management guru - that stuff can safely be put to one side. I want to introduce specific advice, beautifully presented, in ways that can spark the imagination.
The  Advice to sink in slowly website contains posters by design graduates for first year students, which encapsulate insights which are helpful for design, studying, or life in general. Some of them are rather wonderful.
The one at the top illustrates a practical idea that has kept me going for many a long year. In fact it is what I do when I come back after a session feeling more tired than I should. I just say to myself: "Stop mithering and have a nice cup of tea." Things soon perk up.
This, of course, ties in with WCTB Therapy, which if more widely adopted could save the NHS £££s.

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Adele said...

Absolutely! I like to have a cup of tea and then another.