Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Janathon 2012 Day 24: Another lesson

Janathon 2012 Day 24: Walk - 3.3 miles, Time - 1hr, Weather - horribly wet at first but eased off into mistiness

I had actually planned to run today but when I woke to see a coal black sky and steady rain I changed my mind. My plan is to run 4 times this week and there is flexibility as to how those days are arranged, so it was not a problem and as we know tomorrow is always a better day. 
Instead I walked by the canal and was glad I made the choice because the towpath was  a succession of puddles surrounded by sodden mud - rubbish running conditions. Even walking was hard work, needing me to engage my core muscles far more than normal to counteract the slippines under every planted foot. But this is of course a good thing: a better form of exercise, far better for you than a gentle stroll.
It is possible I would also have enjoyed a run, once I had got out (if I had kept to relatively puddle-free pavements). On such days although you get back wet, your skin tingles and you feel refreshed and virtuous. I even felt quite virtuous after the walk but that was as nothing to what I would have felt if I had run.
However potential levels of smugness are not really the point. It would actually have been far more intelligent to to have waited because the rain stopped to be replaced by mistiness - actually quite nice conditions. 
The lesson of today is obviously to make greater use of the weather forecast.

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