Saturday, January 21, 2012

Janathon 2012 Day 21: Play

Janathon 2012 Day 21: Walk - 3 miles, Time - 55min, Weather - windy but not too cold
Having run for 3 days in a row it was time for a break and so I walked. I know many people take on Janathon as a ‘run everyday’ challenge but that has never been my way, I always want variation: changes to stop a single activity becoming unrelenting. Walking is a good stock exercise. If you are feeling tired, or just a bit lethargic and unfocussed, it takes no effort to step out the door, close it behind you and get going. No preparation is required, no psyching yourself up. You just move and work out what you are going to do afterwards.
Sometimes I play games like going down every footpath I see, or taking every third turning, or going to a part of town I don’t go to very much. It doesn’t matter - anything random will  do as a test of my sense of direction. When you are going out every day it helps to have some sense of play and get away from the idea that your exercise is scheduled, rigid, and charted. 
Today was a little days to break up the routine. Tomorrow I will be back on track and run a well worn route,  nevertheless there will still be a game (trying to keep my heart rate low) but its a game I am playing all the time at the moment.

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