Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Janathon 2012 Day 16: Stopping

Janathon 2012 Day 16
Walk 4 miles, Time 1hr 20min, Weather nippy, clear, and bright 
Sometimes you can become tired of the same surroundings. It is not that your routes are bad it is just that you you can tire of the idea of constant repetition.
Although I have previously said that I don't mind using the same routes, because there are always fresh things to see, and that a new day is just that: with different people, different weather, different foliage, different atmospheres,  thinking about going out again can be a little wearisome. When I am moving it is fine but getting myself out the door can be dull and difficult
The answer is somewhere new. Every so often find something fresh to look at. Walking is best because there are no barriers; cycling is also OK because you can take the bike on a train; running requires more planning. So today I went to Anglesey Abbey and wandered around the winter gardens. 
In the wild area there is a hide to observe the birds. It was probably my favourite bit of the outing - sitting still and just looking. The birds were mainly tits and finches, fairly common across the country, but that does not matter because my main aesthetic is to always try to look at the commonplace with fresh eyes. Sitting on a bench i a wooden hut, helps you do that.
I know that Janathon is about exercise and that I should really be recording all the muscular effort but in this case the real pleasure came in walking somewhere and then stopping.


Adele said...

That sounds like a lovely walk. Bird watching has become a strong aspect of my Janathon this year and a sighting of something special really does brighten up a run.

Highway Kind said...

Yes I noticed that you have had some good spots. There is something very satisfying about noticing that flash of colour isn't there?

Adele said...

I'm constantly on the look-out for the kingfisher, but this morning's run offered some robins, a jay, a wren (lovely) and...a rat!