Thursday, January 26, 2012

Janathon 2012 Day 25: Resolve

Janathon 2012 Day 25: Run 5.2 miles, Time - 1hr 3min, Weather - Once more grey and bleak
Another picture from yesterday but as it is still grey there is no discontinuity.
Today’s run was all on the road as the canal was still wet and muddy. The problem with roads though is finding a route without too many hills. Hills mean I have to walk to keep my heart rate down. Hemel is full of lumps and bumps. There is the option of an out and back along a road which follows the path of the River Gade - but as that is one of the busier roads it is not ideal. So all my road routes have hills.
It was on a hill towards the end of the run that I had a mini crisis of resolve. I had slowed as much as I could and than started to walk as the only way of keep below my HR limit. “How tedious this is” I thought and as I thought it I felt like stopping. Not stopping by rebelling and running fast and breathing chest-achingly hard but stopping, stopping and then sulking. Going slowly and then slowing can be demoralising.
But then another voice kicked-in and told me that I had a plan and the only way to see if it worked was to stick to it. Base training, it said, might be easy running but it is mentally quite tough. You have to show you can be strong minded.
So at the top of the hill I sided with the voice of reason and continued.

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