Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Legs of a Stool

Juneathon day 21: run 7.37km time 41min

Yesterday was very long: I got up at 4:30 and went to bed at 1:00. Fitting in the half hour run between the two journeys was great. It really freshened me up and made me forget I had driven for 2.5 hours. it completely eradicated the yawniness I often feel at the end of long journey.

As for the journey to Manchester: the best that I can say is that it was fine ... l until just past Junction 16. Then everything stopped. There had been a collision between two motorcyclists and a car and the motorway was closed for 4 hours. Absolutely nothing could be done and I felt really sorry for anybody with young children as keeping them amused for such a long time must have been a real struggle.

Most of us got out of our cars and wandered around or made any number of phone calls saying we were going to be late, or trying to check up on the situation - at one stage there was an estimate, which was passed on, that the road would not not be opened until 7:30 (!). Everywhere though there was a calm resigned air, which was appropriate because what else could you do and anger or agitation would have solved nothing. (One thing we dod notice though was the number of men wandering around dressed in shorts and flip flops - when did flip flops become good for driving?)

The upshot was that we were very late arriving and therefor every late in returning.

The consequence for today’s run was that I felt tired and it was harder work getting out of the door than yesterday, when I had no real time. It was a forcible reminder of the importance of sleep.

Running is a very simple activity but it is supported by three legs: the physical activity (the training), sleep and recuperation, and nutrition. All of them need to be in balance. Mostly we talk about the training (because it is the most obvious thing - it is after all the activity that defines us as runners) but the other things should not be forgotten.

During Juneathon we get no time for rest days, so getting good sleep becomes more important.

Juneathon statistics 21/21
Run 15/21
distance 106.14km
time 9hr 52min
Cycle 4/21
distance 61.4 miles
time 4hr 38min
Gym 2/21
time 1hr 35min

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