Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hidden Strangeness

Juneathon day 24: cycle 20.4 miles time 1hr 38 min

Although it has been a warm sunny day, it has not been too hot because of a cooling breeze. For this reason the song going through my mind was Bill Callahan’s Rococo Zephyr. If you follow the link to a performance on YouTube you will realise that this is not really exercise music - no driving beats. However being slow and gentle it is perfect hot weather music and it suited my mood as all I wanted was a relaxed cycle ride.

My route took me along a number of small roads and as far as possible through woods. Today’s photo is of a very shady road in Bricket Wood. I have mentioned Bricket Wood in a previous post when I made a passing reference to it being the home of British naturism. I have since found out that it was also home to a coven of witches.

I am constantly amazed by the area that surrounds me. At first glance it seems unremarkable - just the dull Home Counties but behind the respectable facade there are all sorts of strangenesses.

On a completely unrelated note (well actually it is related to cycling) There was an excellent edition of ‘Off the Page’ on Le Tour de France (available on the iPlayer until 1st July). If you are at all interested in the romance of the event it is well worth a listen.

Juneathon statistics 24/24
Run 16/24
distance 114.93km
time 10hr 43min
Cycle 5/24
distance 81.8 miles
time 6hr 16min
Gym 3/24
time 2hr 05min


Breandán said...

Fair play, you've done a great job this Juneathon - some of the pics are fantastic. How do you manage to lug a camera around on runs?

Highway Kind said...


it's a compact camera that I carry in a running belt, along with my keys. I hardly notice it.