Sunday, June 06, 2010


Juneathon 6: Gym

Time for some variety: so off to the gym. The idea is to have some balance as running and cycling do everything for the legs and cv and very little for anything else. So today I was concentrating on my arms and upper body.

Other than that there is little to say. it was in the gym for about 45 minutes: 20 minutes rowing, 15 weights, 10 minute stretching. Not an overly tough session.

Walking home I passed the big block of apartments they are building in, what was, the Kodak building. I will not say anything about the looks of the development until it is finished but the sign in the photo is new. Apparently they have designated a small triangle of scrubby land between the road and the flats a conservation area! How very strange. Perhaps conservation is just another word for leaving the grass uncut. Certainly there is no ecological reason for anything here as the site is just over the road from Boxmoor, which is a lovely area of common land, used for grazing and recreation. In the best sense that is a conservation area, this is just silly.

Juneathon stats: 6/6
run 4/6
distance 29.46km
time 2hr 54min
Cycle 1/6
distance 21 miles
time 1hr 32min
Gym 1/6
time 45min

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