Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 28: Small Change

2011 Streak Day 179: Run - 3miles, Time - 27min 10sec, Weather - wet and coldish

Strange day with heavy clouds threatening heavy rainstorms and a distant sound of rolling thunder. When to go out? I put it off until lunchtime but got it wrong and came home a little drenched. Never mind It was never intended to be a long run, so a little bit of rain couldn’t do any harm.
What I didn’t want to do though was hang about taking photos, so I waited until later and took this of some blueberries ripening. It is all part of the tracking of the seasons. Before this year I had never taken such a close interest in the way plants develop from day to day.  I would walk along with a generalised, rather fuzzy appreciation, of the progress of the seasons (noticing the difference between trees in full leaf and winter bareness but little of the fine detail). But now am looking at the small changes.
So if the 2011 Streak were to have a subtitle it would be: ‘a matter of small changes’ 
Which gives me an excuse to post this video of the great Tom Waits from the early jazz boho days

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