Sunday, June 12, 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 12: Wet

2011 Streak Day 163/365: Walk - 7.21 miles, Time - 2hr 29min, Weather - steady rain
I had planned to go cycling today, in that dippy, let's not bother checking the weather forecast, way I plan. I even got dressed in my cycling gear, as if to show that I meant what I said. However as I ate my breakfast and watched the rain streak the windows, saw that the whole of the sky was heavy grey and that there was no sign of it letting-up, I had a rethink.
Of the three activities (running, walking, cycling) for me cycling is the one most affected by rain. I don't really like it. I will do it if I have to (and for years when I commuted I took pride in paying no heed to the conditions) but I don't have to I don't. My present rides are for amusement and fitness.
I didn't think I would be too amused today. So I switched the plan and walked by the canal.
There were very few people about: 1 runner 4 walkers  and 3 bedraggled cyclists. Not many for 2 hours.
There were however fishermen, in a line along one stretch,  huddled under their big umbrellas, watching the pattern of rain on the water. There were no signs that any of them had caught a fish, nor was there any sign of a nibble. I respect their dedication. All the fair weather canal walkers had been put-off, but they stuck to their task. I suppose if their main task is watching water, it doesn't matter if some of it comes from the sky, especially as their umbrellas were large enough to keep them quite dry.
The canal boats were all snuggled down, with their tiller decks enclosed in the equivalent of a macintosh. Smoke was coming from a some of the chimneys and there is something very comforting about the smell of a coal fire. One or two boats passed by, steered by people wrapped in waterproofs, wearing Tilley hats but they seemed content enough.
In a way there was something cosy about the whole scene. The weather wasn't extreme or fierce - it was just wet
I might not enjoyed being sprayed  by passing cars on wet slippery roads, whilst riding my bike but walking (or running) in the rain is different. I enjoyed today's activity.


JogBlog said...

I don't cycle in the rain either. Running in it is no problem though.

Lena said...

Nice walk

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really lovely walk.