Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 26:Heat dictates exercise

2011 Streak Day 177/365: Run - 2.31 miles. Time - 40min 40sec, Weather - very hot
How did that happen? The month of June has been remarkably dull, with cloudy skies, days of rain, and lowish temperatures. Suddenly, as if by magic, the temperature dial has been turned right up and it is about 29º. 
Apparently it is the result of the 'Spanish Plume', the rather poetic name for a southerly airflow from those parts. Be that as it may, the change in the weather has been dramatic and it this causes big problems for runners. All the marathons which have had large numbers of heat casualties have been in normally cool cities whose race has been on isolated hot days. London is a good example, a hot April day gives runners no time to acclimatise, especially as most of the training has been in the dark days of winter. 
Although we can all adjust to different conditions, to a certain extent, it takes time. As a Northern European I don't want to take too many chances, so running has to be done early morning or in the evening. 
Somehow I missed the early morning. 
As a result I waited but the air felt like a blanket and although I chose a tree lined route I didn't want to go far. I only ran just over two miles but it felt plenty.
Today's photo is of a lavender bush. I have posted it because it reminds me of something that happened yesterday, As I ran down a street I brushed into such a bush and had a whiff of the perfume. On what was a moderately rubbish run it gave me a brief "oh that's nice' moment.

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