Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 27: Strength of will

2011 Streak Day 178/365 Walk 5.3 miles, Time 1hr 44min, Weather - overcast but hot and clammy
Not a day for anything too strenuous. 
If I was sensible I would be sitting in the pub drinking the beer and looking at the water below me, like the two people in the photo. But that is not an option - I have to be out doing something; it is the rule. I tell myself this as I walk along the canal, through the heavy air, with my damp shirt sticking to me. "Beer is not an option".
As the pub recedes I begin to feel better as I have resisted temptation and that brings its own satisfaction. Hurrah a moral victory! But then I have to start talking to myself again. "No use getting smug - you know your moral victories are only fleeting."
I walk on further and pass another pub. The Three Horseshoes at Winkwell is particularly attractive with tables beside the water. Another victory. I do not stop. I carry-on and actually have an enjoyable time.
My only worry is that I have recently been reading articles which suggest that we only have a limited amount of self control and that if you use it in one area you are more vulnerable in another.
I will have to watch myself closely

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Adele said...

Gosh, well done on resisting the beer, so invitingly refreshing in this weather!