Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 22: There was some dampness

2011 Streak Day 173/365: Walk - 4.4 miles, Time - 1hr, 25min, Weather - rather wet at times
Another Cambridge day with the opportunity to get my exercise by walking to the park & ride at Trumpington. I didn't do it both ways because it was ever so slightly wet (as can be seen from the photo).
Although I have admitted that I enjoy some types of rain (e.g. a gentle misty rain), heavy downpours are not included. I dislike them and if by mischance I am out when they start, I look for shelter.
However one of the things I have learnt from my 2011 project is that there are very few days when the weather is bad enough to be truly unpleasant. I have so far been out consecutively for 173 days, and although the weather is often a factor in setting the mood and can sometimes cause a change of plan it has never been bad enough to make the exercise a test of endurance. Almost all my difficulties have been due to my mentality rather than external factors.
Even today was not bad. This was a shower. It came and it went, afterwards there were white clouds. The walk back was really quite pleasant.


Adele said...

Farrow and Ball have a new colour of paint called 'Mizzle'. I thought of you.

Highway Kind said...

Mizzle is good. I love words that have the exact weight of the thing they describe

But I'm not sure it would be cheery enough to decorating the house

Adele said...

No really, it's ever so 'now' ;)