Monday, June 13, 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 13:Cake shop and back

2011 Streak Day 164/365: Walk - 2.5 miles, Time - 50min, Weather - blue sky, white clouds

Here is where the excuses begin: In my heart of hearts I can't really classify today's effort as proper exercise, even if it did have a serious purpose.  
As every finely tuned athlete knows carbohydrate form an important part of the diet - one just has to give those muscles the right kind of fuel. Also as any fule kno cakes are at the very top of the carbohydrate tree. Therefore a trip to buy cakes is a genuine training activity.
Today we were in Winchester so the cakes were not any old cakes. Oh no! They were Raymond Blanc cakes. Winchester has a Maison Blanc, i.e. a proper French p√Ętisserie full of cakey delights. The eclairs, chocolate brownies, and lemon tarts all got a double thumbs-up.
Today's photo has, of course, nothing to do with cakes, instead it speaks of my romantic attachment to railways, cutting through the English countryside. It is the view south from Winchester Station. Compared to the nearby six lane motorway it seems almost domestic in scale but its construction without the aid of all of today's mechanical diggers was far more heroic.


Anonymous said...

That's like cake royalty. I am envious. And also hungry...

Adele said...

Mmmmm, cake. Stop making us want cake!