Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twenty Three and Twenty Four

It is first thing in the morning and you know it is going to be a hot day. The only sensible time to run is now, before breakfast or in the evening. For once I am sensible and get out early and therefore start the run feeling pretty pleased with myself. In fact I feel infused with good feeling and notice everything. I am more aware of when pedestrians are likely to swerve into my path, or which groups will give me room and those who will block the path, which people will exchange a greeting and those who will determinedly look at the floor. I sense these things and look at my surroundings more clearly

In fact the mood continued throughout my run. When I stopped to take this picture I noticed a big fluffy dog leaping up at some waste bins and had a nice conversation with the owner. It was convivial, the sort of thing that happens at the beginning of a good day. Her bernaise mountain dog was a splendid, friendly animal but I have no idea it copes on a hot day with such a thick coat.

Actually I don't know how I would have coped if I had run later. I went to Cambridge today and passed some runners. On man in particular looked to be really struggling. His face was very red, sweat was pouring from his brow and his form was laboured. That could have been me, I thought.

Juneathon 24 stats:

Run distance: 7.7k
Run time: 41 min

Day 23 was very low key. I knew my legs needed a rest and so confined myself to going for a a nice easy walk. Under normal circumstances I would hardly count it as a Juneathon activity but as a recovery from a long run it was perfect.


Eva said...

What a beautiful place to run, I bet it's lovely first thing in the morning.

Highway Kind said...

Ah but Eva I don't have any moutains or sea