Sunday, June 21, 2009

Juneathon 21

Another 10k run - my most frequent distance.

Today I waited until lunch time, for no particular reason, which meant that when I reached this pub it was full of people sitting by the water, having a drink and relaxing. Not for one moment did I think that this looked like the best thing to do on a summer afternoon. Oh no not me - I am a dedicated runner with sweat on my brow and a route to complete. The most I will do is stop to take a picture of Sunday leisure.

It is Father's Day today but I don't know if it makes any difference to patterns of behaviour, with families more likely to go out together. The limited evidence of this run would suggest not. It is just the same other days and I passed a very long line of men fishing - not a family activity.

Juneathon 21 stats:

Run distance: 10k
Run time: 57 min

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Em said...

The only difference I noticed about it being Father's Day was when we walked the dogs on the common which runs through a gold course. There was hardly a golfer - or in fact any other human being - in sight (it's normally packed at weekends). We thought we were in a parallel universe or something... but I assume they'd all been whisked away by their families for lunch.