Thursday, June 11, 2009

Away Days

Yesterday I went to London and what a good day to choose when there was a Tube strike. The result was that the roads were completely gummed up with traffic and so the buses were useless as well . So I walked - everywhere. I don't know how many miles in total but there was an awful lot of wandering round, so that must count for Juneathon.

Before I left in the morning I had forgotten about the strike so took out some exercise insurance by running round the park before breakfast. Only 2 k but nevertheless a run.

In the evening I went to the theatre with my daughter and saw All's Well That Ends Well, at the National. One of the more rarely performed Shakespeare plays (in fact I have never seen it) and I can understand why. The story is flimsy, like a fable but without a fable's moral certainty. The male lead has a weak and unpleasant character and therefore you are not even sure it's a good ending when the heroine ends up with him. Nevertheless it was an excellent production. I liked the way they emphasised the fairy tale nature of the story, with a set that looked as if it was designed by Jan Pienkowski and even the seduction switch shown as silhouettes on a cotton sheet.

Anyway it was back quite late but up early in the morning to drive to Manchester. There and back in a day is very tiring and I do not know how lorry drivers do this for a living. Too much driving makes me feel sleepy. But you can't sleep if it is Juneathon.

Although I did not leap out and run I did at least do some yoga. I do not feel that I am making any progress (unlike all you press-up people) as I am still as stiff as ever but the exercises had the remarkable effect of making me feel much more alert

Juneathon 10 stats:

Run distance: 2k
Time: 11 min
Walk: lots

Juneathon 11 stats:
Yoga: 20min


Anonymous said...

I love Jan Pienkowski - they're so dramatic and show you so much whilst leaving loads to your imagination. And always rather spooky. I'm getting a dim recollection of Baba Yaga and her pestle and mortar too.

Adele said...

Ah, Jan Pienkowski! We are big Meg and Mog fans here, in fact I bought 'Meg's Veg' yesterday and we've been reading it over...and over...

Keep at the yoga, it does take time, but is worth it.