Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Reasons to Love June

There are many reasons to love June. Not only is there the festivity of Juneathon and the communal warm that comes from a group of people supporting each other in their attempt to exercise each day, there is an explosion of flowers in gardens and meadows, their colours offset by the still fresh greens of leaves and grass. Today's photo is posted for no other reason than I like the blowsiness of poppies. It comes from my garden so I certainly can't claim any exercise points for taking it, but it is more fun to look at than a treadmill.

Yes that is right today was a gym day. Even though I prefer running outside I go to the gym once or twice a week, both because I need some resistance exercise and I find the treadmill useful for, what I laughingly call, speed work. When running outside I am not mentally tough enough to sustain a pace when it becomes uncomfortable and automatically slip back to something just that little bit easier. With the treadmill you dial the speed and have to keep going, even if you end up hanging on.

So here are the stats for Juneathon Day 2:

Run - 7k
Resistance machines - abs crunch; pectoral fly, shoulder press, arm press, static rower, leg press
Stretches - those as well
Total time - 1 hour
Music: Robert Wyatt, Fleet Foxes


[rich] said...

Another great picture and well done for 'doing' the gym in this weather :-D

Adele said...

Those poppies are gorgeous. We saw some in the park the other day, like tissue paper.

Ooh, Fleet Foxes. I like them.

Phil said...

Yeah well done on the gym i hope the air con was going full pelt.

iliketocount said...

A long run yesterday and more today...my hat is well and truly off!