Saturday, July 02, 2011

2011 Streak Day 182/365: Faint signs of moral fibre

2011 Streak Day 182/365: Run - 2.01 miles, Time - 17min 49sec, Weather - lovely mild summer's evening
Today saw a small victory.
It had been a Winchester day, without anything that could in all honesty be classified as exercise (a half mile amble?) and the journey back had been tedious (it's the M25, it's friday evening, what can you expect). I arrived home sleepy and lethargic, and tempted to trick-out the amble into something resembling strenuous activity. In a word: cheat.
But no! my conscience would not be quiet. After a fortifying glass of sherry (one does after all have to maintain one's standards of an evening), I changed and headed out for a couple of miles.
When I got back I felt rather pleased to have shown a little bit of determination, a hint of rectitude. But as I rather deprecate smugness, I soon put those thoughts aside and concentrated on the restorative powers of sherry, which I think you will all agree has now been proved, beyond doubt.
Today's photo comes from my short amble in Winchester and should be classified in a new series: "Things you don't see in Hemel". I can honestly say I have never seen anyone paint a piano on a Hemel pavement.


Adele said...

Ah, sherry! I was going to mention sherry on your post the other day, where you went to the opera. There is a great bar on the street down to Embankment station from The Strand. As you go down it's on the left just before the park, I wish I could remember the name. It has amazing vaulted ceilings and barrels of the most delicious sherry. Next time you are in town, give it a try.

Highway Kind said...

You are right Gordons is excellent and ihas a wonderful feeling as if it has not yet quite come to terms with the introduction of electricity.

I like places that feel out of time

Adele said...

Ah, you know it, good. Actually, I don't think I've been since the smoking ban, and I'm guessing it's a far nicer place because of this...I don't get out much ;)