Sunday, July 24, 2011

2011 Streak Day 199/365: Wisley

2011 Streak Day 199/365: Wisley 
Walk - 3 miles, Time - 2hrs 30min, Weather - showery but mostly dry

If you look at the distance walked and the time taken you will be amazed that anybody could go so slow. So what was my excuse?
Simple - it was my wife's birthday and we spent the day at Wisley looking at things horticultural. Our walking was extremely leisurely, interspersed with stops to look at thing or take refreshment.
It was a good day but it would be stretching it to say that it contained much in the way of exercise. Nevertheless it will have to do.
Rather than a picture of another plant (I took quite a few), I have selected a cat asleep in the alpine greenhouse. I just thought he looked very comfortable

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