Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 Streak Day 189/365: Back pain revisited

2011 Streak Day 189/365: Walk - 1.95 miles, Time - 45min, Weather - Changeable (wet in morning)
This was the most difficult of days: my back ache meant that every part of my body was being held in tension and moving was laborious.
The need to continue the streak forced me out of the house for a minimum distance walk but it was hard.  I felt every step and when I got home I did not feel any satisfaction, I just ached.
This is not going to be good: I had hoped that the back ache would disappear quite quickly but there is no sign of that. I will have to limp on for a few days more and hope it doesn't last too long and eat into half marathon training programme. We will see but at the moment I cannot imagine how I could do any meaningful training.
I feel a bit like Owen Hargreaves who in 4 years made 27 appearances for Manchester United. First it was the knees, then the hamstrings - one injury seemed to lead to another. For a sportsman the body unravelling must be the most dispiriting thing in the world. I can afford to be more philosophical because nothing depends on it apart from my own sense of wellbeing  - I just have to adapt. 

Nevertheless on some days it is not easy.

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