Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 Streak Day 192/365: Public art

2011 Streak Day 192/365 (Monday 11 July): Walk - 3 miles, Time - 1hr, Weather - hot and sunny

Today was a Winchester day and the walk was around the city centre. In the grounds of the cathedral I saw this sculpture. 
At a distance I thought it was a De Stijl sculpture and as I did not know any De Stijl sculptures (except of course Rietveld's chair, which is much more a sculpture than a chair) I was intrigued.
It is in fact a representation of the Crucifixion by Barbara Hepworth in the style of Mondrian, made in 1966 and is rather fine. If it has a front and a back the other side is the front but I took the photo from here because it shows the way some public sculptures can enhance their space. I like the way the two families with their push chairs are moving into frame.
What a pleasure to come across a piece of public sculpture that can be enjoyed. Most of it is dull enough to pass unnoticed, which is surely the reverse of its purpose.
Looking at this piece reminded me that the Barbara Hepworth studio in St Ives is one of my favourite galleries because it is suffused with the personality and taste of the artist. It has that in common with Kettles Yard in Cambridge, which was once the private house of a collector
It is not at all odd that I think of favourite places walking round Winchester. It is a city of which I am becoming increasingly fond.

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