Friday, July 08, 2011

2011 Streak Day 188/365: Back pain

2011 Streak Day 188/365
Run - 2.67 miles, Time - 27min, Weather - showery

This is going to be a problem - I have put my back out and am finding movement a little bit awkward (especially dressing).
Working on the assumption that the best treatment for a bad back is to keep moving, as much as possible, I went for a gentle run. 
More than at any other time my sole aim was to make it as easy as possible - no speed, no jarring, no twisting, no sudden adjustments. I ran like a little toy train. It was simultaneously very hard to maintain a style that did not jar, and easy because the running effort was not too great.
In the end I felt a satisfaction that I had kept the streak going but an anxiety that the next few days are going to be a tricky. My experience is that bad backs take time and it is not so much the initial pull that is the problem but the way other muscles freeze in compensation.
Ah well! we will see.

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