Monday, July 04, 2011

2011 Streak Day 185/365: Canals vs Roads

2011 Streak Day 185/365: Walk - 6.38, Time 2hrs 10min, Weather - overcast but warm

Although I have taken a picture of this swan family before they are worth revisiting because they have the same regular route, up and down the canal, as me. They are obviously monitored by other people because we had a conversation with someone who recounted the time he saw them at a lock with two of the little ones trapped upstream. He said they all patiently waited and were later reunited when the boat had gone through.
There is something very calming about watching them glide past. A a contrast to driving on the M25, which I had been doing a couple of hours previously. There is absolutely nothing lovely about four lanes of traffic, stopping, starting, and inching forward
However by the canal, stopping, starting, inching forward as you look at the wildlife or examine the individuality of the boats - well that's a completely different matter.

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