Tuesday, July 05, 2011

2011 Streak Day 186/365: Dr Dolittle

2011 Streak Day 186/365: Cycle - 19.33 miles, Time - 1hr 25min, Weather - morning was sunny and warm
My route took me past the alpaca farm and so I stopped to look. 
They are amusing furry bundles, who, today, felt the need for shade and a number of them were sitting-down under the trees, resting. I liked these two, sitting together to make a pushmepullyou. It confirms my opinion that Dr Dolittle is really non-fiction.
Although it was not part of today's route Hemel boasts a small business park with a brilliant name: Doolittle Meadows. If I ran a business I would love to have that address (but that probably tells you more about my lack of business acumen than the appropriateness of the name).  Although I am rather surprised that some bright spark in marketing has not already tried to rebrand it, I am glad they have retained the traditional name for the area.
It goes back a few centuries to when the Abbott of St Albans sent some monks to the corn mill as a break from the ecclesiastical rigours of their life. Apparently the concept of break was stretched to mean rest and a reputation was established. It is nice to know the name was literal. (Nowadays, of course, I am sure that it is deeply, deeply ironical).

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abradypus said...

I always wanted a pushmepullyou. Now at last I know where to find one. Thank you.